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How do you feel, is it time to invest in art in 2023? This is an opportunity to diversify your investments while adding the pleasure of fine art to your life.

What to keep in mind:

Risk – to reduce it cost experts in the field. Performance – depending on the work, you can wait up to 10 years to see big profits

Unpredictability – chance has its role, but every beautiful object will eventually find a buyer.

Rarity – truly special works are sold quickly, high-quality ones are always sold

When you start collecting, remember that not every piece of art will increase in value tenfold or a hundredfold. When buying, you have to make informed choices, find works from the artist’s most beautiful and characteristic period. It is always wiser to invest in a piece that shows the artist’s abilities and characteristics than to simply choose the largest format painting. You must also be sure of the origin, past and authenticity of your investment.

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