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Vladimir Karolkov (1946 - 2021)
Aix en Provence, 2015
18.5x24.8x0.4 in
$ 1800

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Expressionism, Impressionism











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Art description

Vladimir Karolkov (1946)

ENG version below

Vladimir Karolkov né en 1946 à Kastsyukovichy, a étudié à l’Academie d’Arts de Vitebsk, sa mère artiste lui a enseigné également les rudiments de la peinture. 

Puis il a poursuivi de manière intense le spirituel et l’absolu.Il a été tôt familiarisé à l’oeuvre de Malevich, Soutine, puis s’initie vers les portraits et paysages qui représentent une force peu commune.Ils s’en dégagent une puissance et beaucoup d’audace.

Après s’être passionné pour le dessin à ses débuts, Il expose ses huiles et sa peinture augure une certaine sensibilité et ses dernières réalisations lui permettent d’intégrer la cour d’honneur d’excellents contemporains a découvrir.Sa peinture est toujours animé d’une facture bien particulière qui ne laissent jamais indiffèrent, associant la nature, les paysages environnants de son cher pays, la Bielorussie. 

Il exprime dans sa peinture tous messages, comme la vie quotidienne, jusqu’aux dissonances musicales.

A partir des années 90 il associe des couleurs, plus fraîches, plus calmes mais non moins apaisées. Karolkov a été bouleversé tôt par la disparition de ses parents et sa peinture extériorise une vie tourmenté mais apaisé par la découverte de la nature et ses jeux de couleurs qui lèvent toutes ambiguïtés de sa vie.

Aujourd’hui il fait parti du noyau inconditionnel des Peintres, reconnus par ses contemporains et surtout sa peinture est très recherchée par les collectionneurs avertis particulièrement au États Unis, France et Angleterre.

La Bielorussie a toujours été l’un des lieux artistiques les plus vifs en Europe avec l’École de Vitebsk, dernière exposition à Paris en 2019 au Musée du Centre Pompidou La nouvelle génération où beaucoup d’artistes ont préfèrés rester dans leur pays, offre une grande opportunité de découvrir des artistes jusqu’a ce jour inaccessibles.

Vladimir Karolkov offre une palette d’une richesse extrême, qui se traduit par un pur lyrisme, pictural d’un goût parfait, raffiné, mélangeant les bleues, jaunes, des tons justes et forts qui s’harmonisent dans la somptuosité.Il lui suffit de représenter un aspect quelconque de la nature pour ressentir tout a la fois des émotions.

ENG version below==

Vladimir Karolkov born in Kastsyukovichy in 1946, studied at the Vitebsk Academy of Arts, his artist mother also taught him the basics of painting.

He then pursued the spiritual and the absolute in an intense way. He was early familiar with the work of Malevich, Soutine, then learned about portraits and landscapes which represent an unusual force. power and a lot of daring.

After being passionate about drawing in his early days, he exhibited his oils and his painting augurs a certain sensitivity and his latest achievements allow him to join the courtyard of excellent contemporaries to discover. His painting is always animated by ‘a very particular facture that never leaves you indifferent, associating nature, the surrounding landscapes of his dear country, Belarus.

He expresses in his painting all messages, such as everyday life, even musical dissonances.

From the 90s he associates colors, fresher, calmer but no less peaceful. Karolkov was upset early by the disappearance of his parents and his painting exteriorizes a life tormented but appeased by the discovery of nature and its games of colors that remove all ambiguities from his life.

Today he is part of the unconditional core of Painters, recognized by his contemporaries, and especially his painting is highly sought after by discerning collectors, particularly in the United States, France, and England.

Belarus has always been one of the most vibrant artistic places in Europe with the Vitebsk School, last exhibition in Paris in 2019 at the Center Pompidou Museum The new generation where many artists preferred to stay in their country, offers a great opportunity to discover artists hitherto inaccessible.

Karolkov offers a palette of extreme richness, which translates into a pure lyricism, pictorial with a perfect, refined taste, mixing blues, yellows, fair and strong tones which harmonize in sumptuousness. represent any aspect of nature to feel emotions all at the same time.

1980 — republican art exhibition «Youth of the Country», Minsk.
— republican art exhibition «Earth and People», Minsk.
 — the exhibition of Belarussian artists, Moscow.
1984— inter republican exhibition, Kaunas;
1987 — international exhibition in Zielona Góra, PPR.
1987 — republican art exhibition «October: 70 years», Minsk;
1988 — international exhibition in Frankfort on the Oder, GDR.
1989 — republican art exhibition of regions, Minsk;
1990 — international exhibition, Minsk.
1991— an exhibition of Belarussian Art, Tallinn;
1982 — republican art exhibition «Earth and People», Minsk.
2012 — republican art exhibition «Red Colour», Minsk, Art Palace, April.
Personal exhibitions:
1988 — personal art exhibition, Minsk.
2002 — personal art exhibition, Mogilev.
2003 — personal art exhibition, Minsk.
2004 — personal art exhibition, Brest.
2005 — personal art exhibition, Grodno.
2006 — personal art exhibition, Nienburg, Germany.
2007 — personal art exhibition, Polotsk.
2008 — personal art exhibition in the National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk.
2009 — personal art exhibition in Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. Lenin.
2014 — personal art exhibition in the Modern Art Museum, Minsk;
2015 — personal art exhibition in the Centre of Modern Art, Vitebsk (November).

Authenticity: Work sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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