Anna Kõuhkna

Anna Kõuhkna’s art goes beyond aesthetics; it delves into the realm of symbolism, adding layers of meaning and depth to her captivating compositions. Central to her work is the portrayal of women, who serve as powerful symbols of strength, resilience, and empowerment. Through her brushstrokes, Anna captures the essence of femininity, celebrating the multifaceted nature of womanhood. Nature, as a recurring theme in Anna’s art, holds significant symbolic importance.

It serves as a metaphor for the human experience, reflecting the cycles of life, growth, and transformation. The landscapes she creates, with their lush foliage, serene environments, and celestial bodies, evoke a sense of harmony and interconnectedness. Anna skillfully utilizes elements such as flowers, trees, and natural elements to infuse her artwork with deeper meaning. Flowers, in particular, play a prominent role in Anna’s symbolic repertoire. Each carefully chosen flower species carries its own significance, contributing to the narrative of her compositions. For example, the iris symbolizes wisdom, eloquence, and inner contemplation, while the sunflower embodies vitality, growth, and a connection to the life-giving energy of the sun.

Through the juxtaposition of the central figures and the natural elements, Anna Kõuhkna explores the intricate relationship between humanity and the environment. The harmonious integration of women and nature underscores the interdependence of the two, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship and the deep-rooted connection between women and the earth. By skillfully incorporating symbolism into her art, Anna elevates her creations to a profound level of interpretation. Her compositions become gateways to contemplation and self-reflection, inviting viewers to explore the intricate tapestry of human emotions, the resilience of women, and the profound beauty of the natural world.

Through her artistic language, Anna Kõuhkna not only captivates with her technical prowess but also sparks a dialogue about the timeless themes that shape our lives. Anna Kõuhkna, born in 1994. She stands out as a beacon of artistic excellence, holding a master’s degree in art education from the esteemed Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University. Prior to this, Anna honed her artistic skills and knowledge at the prestigious Baltic Film, Media, and Arts Institute, as well as the renowned Tartu High School of Art (Pallas).


Personal exhibitions:

2023 “Kallis vari, kallis valgus” / “My darling shadow, my darling light””, Jakobi gallery, Tartu

2023 “Fifith element”, VAAL gallery, co-artists Anu Muiste, Sandra Sirp, Helen Sirp

2022 “Kallis vari, kallis valgus” / “My darling shadow, my darling light””, Endla theatre gallery, Pärnu

2021 “Voolule truu” / “Faithful to the flow”, gallery POSITIIV, Tallinn

2021 “New circle (V)”, Rapla Kultuuribaas (Culture center), Rapla

2021 “New circle (IV)”, Cafe Mahedik, Pärnu

2021 “New circle” (III), Stella Soomlais Studio, Tallinn

2020 “New circle” (II), Mandala gallery, Tallinn

2020 “New circle”, Solaris gallery, Tallinn

2020 “Trialogue”, Museum of Eduard Vilde/Castellan House, together with artists Anu Muiste and Sandra Sirp

2020 “Hovering in her own land”, Tallinn University

2019 “Reflections”, Fahle Gallery, Tallinn

2019 “Hovering in her own land” , Gallery POSITIIV, Tallinn

2019 “Thoughts II”, Telliskivi Creative city, Tallinn

2019 “Thoughts” , Ülemiste business building gallery, Tallinn

2019 “Faceless III” , Cafe NOP, Tallinn

2018 “Faceless II” , Ministry of Rural Affairs gallery, Tallinn

2018 “Faceless”, Von Krahl theatre, Tallinn old town

2017 „States of the heart“, Bachleor’s degrees personal exhibition, Tallinn University, tutor: artist Kai Kaljo

2017 „Whats up in Venus?“, personal exhibition, Tallinn University Mare building II floor gallery

2016 „HAZE“, personal exhibition, Tallinna University Mare building II floor gallery

Group exhibition:

2023 “Tegelikkus ja kujutlus / “Reality and Imagination”, Annual Estonian Painter Associations exhibition, UKM Museum, Pärnu, curator Satu Kalliokuusi

2022 Red Dot Art Fair, represented by the Englishman Gallery; Florida, Miami

2022 “Armastuse lugu” / “Love story”, Annual Estonian Painter Associations exhibition, UKM Museum, Pärnu, curator Jaan Elken

2022 “Uusnaivism / Neonaivism”, Estonian Painter Associations exhibition, HAA galleria, Helsinki, curator Vilen Künnapu

2021 “Uusnaivism / Neonaivism”, Estonian Painter Associations exhibition, Kadrioru Gallery, curator Vilen Künnapu

2021 “Kui kaasaegne on kaasaegne?”, Estonian Painter Associations exhibition, Rapla Contemporary Art Centre

2021  “PARK ja Linn”, Estonian Painter Associations exhibition

2021 “Ajutine Pind”, MONA The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonian Painter Associations exhibition, curator Jaan Elken

2020 “Isolatsioonidialoogid”, Jaani Seegi gallery (Fotomuseum); curator Annika Haas

2020 “Naine. Asenduskeha”, Gallery Noorus, Tartu, Estonian Painter Associations exhibition

2021 Tartu Young Art Auction exhibition; Tartu 

2020 “PARK”, Museum of Eduard Vilde/Castellan House, Estonian Painter Associations exhibition; curator Vilen Künnapu

2020 Tartu Young Art Auction exhibition; Tartu 

2019 Tartu Young Art Auction exhibition; Tartu 

2018 “I am to myself a mystery”, group exhibition, Estonian Photomuseum / Fotomuuseum, Tallinn

2018 Tartu Young Art Auction exhibition; Tartu 

2017  Tartu Young Art Auction exhibition; Tartu 

2017 „Waiters“ group exhibition, curator Linda Elken, Tallinn University Ursa building gallery

2017 „Citybirds“ group exhibition, curator Krista Aren, Baltic Film and Media School


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