Feodor Kisiliev
(1946 - 2019)

 The precise figurative paintings by Kiselev Feodor set a modern and contemporary twist on classical and late 19th century art movements. The combination of a naturalistic painter with elements of imagination and allegory is Kiselv’s goal of portraying human emotions and our connection with nature, but his strategy is unusual. Instead of sticking to realism, the images of Kiselev are passionate, surreal, sensual and richly colored with deep, saturated colors. Kiselev FeodorBorn 1946 in Mogilev, Belarus.He graduated from the Vitebsk Art Institute (created by Chagall in March), Faculty of Art Design 1971.He works with the water and the colors in the style of the lyric landscape and the still life.Feodor Kiselev –  recognized watercolor painter in its specific worldview and the nature of creative thinking in its endeavors and sees the world in a new way. In Feodor’s life extremely modest, discreet, speaks little, but is really shared with family and friends in their joys. He bravely lasts the trials of life. In the workshop Kiselev – a tireless worker and wizard, who reflects the reality with the help of light and saturated colors.One of the greatest contemporary watercolors Artist. 


Since 1970 participated in international and Republican Art exhibitions.

His works are preserved in galleries and private collections in Belarus, Russia, Finland, France, Italy and the United States at the National Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

The Vitebsk school representative of the watercolor.

In 2006, Feodor Kiselev was awarded the Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts, and in 2017 he was awarded the Francysk Skaryna Medal.

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