Gustave Florot
(1885 - 1965)

AUTOPORTRAIT DE GUSTAV FLOROT Ici Gustave Florot, extraordinaire d’intensité nous montre son autoportrait, livre en main, habillé en noir.Son regard est contemplatif fixe l’espace dans la même direction. Les noirs sont toujours bien present, la facture est bien libre et moins nerveuse que d’autres oeuvres qui caractérisent sa matière. L’artiste est plus expressif que la plupart de ces portraits précédents.Il se représente comme un personnage imminent, digne et sympathique et assume bien une Belle Epoque.Here Gustave Florot, extraordinary in intensity, shows us his self-portrait, book in hand, dressed in black. His gaze is contemplative stares space in the same direction. The blacks are always present, the workmanship is very free and less nervous than other works that characterize its material. The artist is more expressive than most of these previous portraits. He represents himself as an imminent, dignified and sympathetic character and assumes a Belle Epoque well.  Stunning Portrait of Belle Epoque Gustave Florot was born in Paris in 1885, he was a very successful painter who worked in a true Art Deco style. His lyrical subjects were often jazz, nudes, dance, theater, and allegorical themes. Using cubist elements combined with rich colors, Florot celebrated the life of Paris. Many of his paintings incorporate surreal and bizarre images, which facilitate his storytelling.Florot transformed a small boutique on the Rue d’Orechamps in Montmartre into his atelier. He hosted many parties that lasted into the early morning hours. Many of his friends dressed in theatrical costumes; which found their way into his paintings. Florot exhibited in 1913 at the Société des Artistes Francais at the Grand Palais. He was a member of the Société de la Salon d’Automne and exhibited every year beginning in 1921. He exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants in 1925 and 1927. In 1930 he was invited to the Salon des Tuileries. Florot had a one-man show in Paris at Galerie Carmine in 1926, the forward to the catalog was written by Gustave Kahn.In November 1970 the first part of his atelier was sold at auction in Paris. More of his works reached auction in 1989 and 1990. Often works by artists of Florot’s generation, forgotten for decades, surface this way. Many fine artists have been rediscovered in the last half of the 20th century when their works were auctioned off after being released by their families or rescued from some obscure storage.


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