Leonid Shchemelev
(1923 - 2021)

Leonid ShchemelevORIGINE COUNTRY OF CHAGALL, KREMEGE, SOUTINEMany major Artists which created the World famous Ecole de Paris.Amazing Original oil painting by the famous Belarus Painter Leonid Shchemelev.  Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus. The Most Famous Painter from Chagall School. Leonid Shchemelev has the permanent exhibitionin Museum of Modern Art of Belarus. Leonid Shchemelev is the most famous Artist of Belarus alive, the person of a wonderful creative destiny which made a tremendous contribution to the national culture. His creativity is not superficial but full of profound thoughts and decisions.The painter feels a sense of time that leads to serious figurative and plastic searches, not just to “image”, but to the understanding of the world, to thoughts of this world’s essence.Leonid Shchemelev was born at Vitebsk, 1923 native town of Marc Chagall moved later to Minsk. Schemeliev has participated in more than 150 international, national exhibitions as well Germany England, France and the United States of America. His works are easily recognized in all exhibitions. His landscapes are represented with the emotional thinking appealed to demonstrate the interior essence of things and phenomena, integrating with the things that never seem to come together.He paints some of his canvases with a sour heart and others with the pleasure of soul. Leonid Shchemelev is ninety old, but up to now, he has a constant feeling of anticipation, fruition, feeling of meeting with the future. It is that force which directs the artist gives him the motivation to create. Therefore, the creator doesn’t grow old, but having been tired physically, internally he always stays young… The painter is a veteran of World War II. He graduated from the Minsk Art School (1952), Belarusian State Theatrical and Art Institute (1959). The painter was taught by Vitali Tsvirko. He has been a participant of art exhibitions since 1958. He is a brilliant draftsman and works in all genres of easel painting. He taught drawing at the Minsk Art School (1959–1967) and Republican Boarding School of Music and Fine Arts (1967–1974). Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Artists (2002–2005), and was the Secretary of the Union of Artists and Chairman of the Art Fund of BSSR (1983–1987).Leonid Shchemelev in 1983 get award  ”People’s Artist of the BSSR”, Laureate of the State Prize of Belarus (1982) and the Award of the Union State of Belarus and Russia in the field of art (2010) Award of Francisc Skorina (2001) and many other honors, as “The Patriotic War” of the First and Second Classes. 


Leonid Shchemelev’s works are:

State TRETYAKOV Gallery,

The Art museums: Minsk, Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg,

Vienne, New York, London.

as well as in private collections and holdings in the United States,

Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium, etc 


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