Paul Fay

Paul Fay: Painter and Sculptor  – The most Collectable Ceramic Artist. Showing the different ways in which Fay worked in clay,  from pre-existing forms or found objects to inventive shapes according to Fay’s designs and pieces modeled by the artist himself.He had first experimented with clay in 1965 when he modeled a small group of heads. In the earliest stage of his work in ceramics, he focused on mastering the craft aspect of decorating fired clay objects. Quickly acquiring knowledge of the technical aspects of working with clay, he then set about reinventing them to suit his fertile imagination; the unorthodox manners in which he mixed glazes, slips, and oxides transformed the pieces in the kiln and became part of the creative process.Fay soon began to draw sketches of three-dimensional objects made up of familiar pottery forms such as vases, jugs, and bowls. Ordinary thrown vessels were thus metamorphosed into purely sculptural shapes, rearrangements of traditional ceramic elements that robbed them of their original functions and turned them into art. Among the most remarkable sculpture that the artist himself designed are the zoomorphic shapes. By reassembling component parts of standard ceramic shapes Fay created the bulls, goats, birds of his imagination. Fay also often transformed vases into still-lifes, creating a three-dimensional representation of the object painted on the vessel’s surface. Peter Fay has paint and created ceramic sculpture all his life, landscapes, forest, and all his best works has to do with nature. But the singular quality of Fay’s works is its unless preoccupation with light,light looked straight into light slanting through leaves, lying sharply, by sculpturing trees, the light of enveloping air itself.  


Museums: National Art Museum,  Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow),  Museum of Modern Art(Frankfurt) Palais de Tokyo (Paris),  Art Center of Marc  Chagall (Vitebsk) Museum Brunswick (USA),  Baltic Gallery (Le Treport Normandie) Museum of Modern Art (Vienne)  and in private Collection around the world: Netherlands,  France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Estonia, Italy and etc.

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