Rein Tammik


Kunstniku jaoks märgistab seda perioodi teise maailma avastamine. REIN TAMMIK maalid liikusid hüpperealismist ja sotsialistlikust realismist neoemotsionismi, mida on juurutanud sellised suured prantsuse maalikunstnikud, nagu Monet. See periood on vaieldamatult sotsialistlikust realismist vabanenud Eesti üks kõige väljendusrikkamaid perioode. Aastatel 1990-1993 loob Rein Tammik oma kõige iseloomulikumad, erakordse kvaliteediga maalid, mida teadlikud kunstikogujad enim ihaldavad ja hindavad.

English text below:

Rein Tammik born in 1947 in Tartu. French artist living in Normandy, France since 1991.

In the early 1991’s, he settled in Paris. In 1967 – 1973 he studied at the Tartu Beaux Art and after  Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture.

In 1975 Rein Tammik received the prize of Moscow Young Artist “for the genre” for his painting “Vosxodiaschee”, which was subsequently acquired by Tretyakov Gallery. A member and exhibitor of the Moscow Association of Fine Arts, USSR Society of Artist. 

In 1981 Member of Society of Filmmakers of USSR. He participated in the Spring exhibitions in the halls of Academy of Arts. 

In the early 1991s, he settled in Paris. Being selected as most impressive artist in Estonia at that time. He painted genre scenes, landscapes, and all works detained mostly come from 1991-1993 as Tammik was under contract of Gallery. 

Exhibited at the Paris gallery “Gerard”,  the Salon of National Society of Fine Arts of France and Federation of French artists. 

Tammik passed through different stages in his artistic development beginning with his own distinctive version of hyper realism, postmodernism, modernism.

Moving to France he became interested in the French impressionist as Renoir, Monet and realized in early 1991 /1992 in Normandy the most impressive works of his career and obtained stunning prices on sale Rouen, Paris, le Touquet Paris, London over 10.000 euros. 


Museums and public collections:

Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow State Gallery)

Kumu Art Museum of Estonia

Collection of the Bank of Estonia

Museum Ludwig, Cologne (Germany)

Zimmerly Art Museum, New Jersey (United States of America)

Collection of the Russian Ministry of Culture

Mars Gallery (Moscow)

Tabakman Museum, Hudson (USA)

Museums in Sumy, Kazan, Perm, Tallinn & Tartu



“Le Prix Grandes Etapes Françaises” Salon du Carrousel du Louvre, Paris 2009 (Musée national de la Marine, Palais de Chaillot, Paris),

Lettre de Félicitation, Salon de la Marine 2007,

Award of Union des Artistes de Lettonie. 

Award of Union des Artistes de Lituanie.

Award of Union des Artistes d’Estonie.

Award of Académie des Beaux-arts de l’Union Soviétique.

Award of Ministry of Culture of USSR.

Award of Union of Artists of USSR. 



1994 Marly Le Roi, Dieppe

1995 St. Germain en Laye, Marly Le Roi, Dieppe

1996 Abbeville, Dieppe

1997 Haan (Germany)

1999 Versailles, Dieppe, Carrières sous Poissy

2001 Salon de la Marine 2001 (National Navy Museum, Palais de Chaillot)

2002 Le Touquet, Vannes, Rouen

2003 Croissy Sur Seine, Versailles

2003 Salon de la Marine 2003 (National Navy Museum, Palais de Chaillot)

2005 5th Exhibition of the Lions Club Dieppe-Verrazane (guest of honour: Rein Tammik)

2006 Vide Genier (Eu), Versailles

2007 Salon de la Marine 2007 (National Navy Museum, Palais de Chaillot)

2009 Salon de la Marine 2009 (National Navy Museum, Palais de Chaillot)

2009 Salon du Carrousel du Louvre (SNBA) Paris 2009 « Le Prix Grandes Etapes Françaises » 

2010 Salon du Carrousel du Louvre (SNBA) Paris 2010

2010 Salon de la Marine 2010 (National Navy Museum, Palais de Chaillot)


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