Vladimir Karolkov
(1946 - 2021)

Karolkov’s language is pathetic and ideal rising to the symbolic meaning corresponding to the spirit of this school. The art of Karolkov is clear, naively playful, he is attached to the appearance of things and has certain spiritual anxiety behind the facade of its detached forms.There are a lot of things to see, but Karolkov especially seduces us with his landscapes, which always modulates a subtle light he asserts himself as a spiritual landscape painter, not at all as a dramatic narrator. His unique works are limited, his landscapes appear like an early hymn to the paradisiacal beauty of nature. Its personality is more than problematic, it belongs to several trends. These works are marked by a deep spirituality and surprise by their illusionist effect and their shadow. His style is often devoted to his spirituality. It is rather a playwright who fills with a strange passion his characters and his landscapes revealed by an unusual feature. He has a subtle sense with luminous nuances all his pictorial bearing of his works makes us think of his masters of the school of Paris. We find in his visual language, certain spiritual anxiety which allows us to know in him a follower of Marc Chagall.Karolkov enjoys particular favor with certainly informed collectors and national museums and they interpret him as well as a plastic realizer of the subconscious. Karolkov appears to our eyes as the one, in this area of contemporary painting, the one who differentiates the beautiful from the vulgar.Vladimir Karolkov born in Kastsyukovichy in 1946, studied at the Vitebsk Academy of Arts, his artist mother also taught him the basics of painting.He then pursued the spiritual and the absolute in an intense way. He was early familiar with the work of Malevich, Soutine, then learned about portraits and landscapes which represent an unusual force. power and a lot of daring.From the 90s he associates colors, fresher, calmer but no less peaceful. Karolkov was upset early by the disappearance of his parents and his painting exteriorizes a life tormented but appeased by the discovery of nature and its games of colors that remove all ambiguities from his life.Today he is part of the unconditional core of Painters, recognized by his contemporaries, and especially his painting is highly sought after by discerning collectors, particularly in the United States, France, and England.

1980 — republican art exhibition «Youth of the Country», Minsk.
— republican art exhibition «Earth and People», Minsk.
 — the exhibition of Belarussian artists, Moscow.
1984— inter republican exhibition, Kaunas;
1987 — international exhibition in Zielona Góra, PPR.
1987 — republican art exhibition «October: 70 years», Minsk;
1988 — international exhibition in Frankfort on the Oder, GDR.
1989 — republican art exhibition of regions, Minsk;
1990 — international exhibition, Minsk.
1991— an exhibition of Belarussian Art, Tallinn;
1982 — republican art exhibition «Earth and People», Minsk.
2012 — republican art exhibition «Red Colour», Minsk, Art Palace, April.
Personal exhibitions:
1988 — personal art exhibition, Minsk.
2002 — personal art exhibition, Mogilev.
2003 — personal art exhibition, Minsk.
2004 — personal art exhibition, Brest.
2005 — personal art exhibition, Grodno.
2006 — personal art exhibition, Nienburg, Germany.
2007 — personal art exhibition, Polotsk.
2008 — personal art exhibition in the National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk.
2009 — personal art exhibition in Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. Lenin.
2014 — personal art exhibition in the Modern Art Museum, Minsk;
2015 — personal art exhibition in the Centre of Modern Art, Vitebsk (November).

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