Collecting contemporary art?


Collecting contemporary art ?

If you really do it seriously, some of the collectors travel more than many of the art critics or dealers can afford to travel and they do serious research. Other people enjoy having their kids and their career and can dedicate a small amount of time to it, and it’s not important to know each and every artist and know the market value. One of the things we are trying to tell people is to be confident in collecting without imitating.

On collecting:
There is no wrong way to collect. There are so many different ways to collect and collecting is something personal. It reflects your personality. Of course, you should learn the ABCs. It’s not only buying the works that are going to end up at MoMA that makes you a collector, you can make a very small, intimate collection of something that is important only to a few people.

You can also buy very eclectic if you are Collecting contemporary art, you can buy it because you like the artist, you can also buy it because it makes you like your home better and because it looks good. I think it’s important to learn about how other collectors collect, it can actually help you to have greater freedom. Also, getting the right information gives you the freedom to make your own decisions. Making your own decisions does not mean not taking anybody’s advice, it means to take as much advice and information as you can; this, in turn, makes your decision more personal, by knowing the most about the work and knowing the most about the market. The other side is, many people don’t have the time to collect and to have a professional life.

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