We can help you to build a collection as we have 40 years of success and many happy Collectors.

Time is not what happens to a place, it's how places happen.

A city shapes time and is shaped by time. 

Sympathy is what things feel when they shape each other,

like the dripping on the stone. 

A mirroring motion—a dance of the commons.

The art lover must above all educate his eye, this education is developed slowly and requires many visits to museums by observing their artistic treasures, a lot of observations, careful analyzes and observation of collection and visit of Galleries.

An initiated amateur will immediately be able to recognize the interesting and precious painting, even if it is obscured by time. After many years of art education, you will have this irreplaceable eye education and this will allow you to get straight to the picture worthy of interest. You will deliver sound opinions even without a signature.

Without great fortune with limited means, you will be ready to build up a beautiful collection.

Thus you will mark your personal taste, you will be able to beautify your apartment.

Remember there are two types of collection: the result of love for art and the fruit of money.

Because art is not the only prerogative of fortune. It also invites everyone to the pleasure and joy of life.

Nicolas Poussin defines art: "Art must be a detection, an intellectual and sensual joy."

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