1. Art is passion. Buy what you enjoy. Trust your taste. Don’t collect what others look after. 
  2. An unique way to bring your interior to life.
  3. A reliable investment and allows you to diversify your assets.
  4. Thinks buying in gallery first from moderate prices.
  5. You must be curious and passionate to buy a work of art.
  6. Require a clear provenance and authenticity.
  7. Our gallery allows you to view, appreciate and better understand the good reasons to invest in art and to be passionate about art.
  8. Invest in art and build a collection. New Eldorado? It depends what artists and periods you buy. 
  9. Diversified in buying 5-10 artworks like a portfolio of shares. Buy from different countries.
  10. Choose an expert in Art who has been buying himself art, so he can help you to build a valuable collection.
  11. Today you can Buy: Alex Salaueu, Rein Tammik, Ludo Cosma, Juri Kikka, Lilian Mosolainen, Leo Rotko, Tiina Tammetalu, Oleg Kroshkin, Feodor Kisiliev, Robert Landarsky, Tony Zhuravel, Serge Ignatenko.

We have the artists with pricing power artists who will outperfom at term. 

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