NEW SHOW: PLAIDOYER SUR l’Art 14.10-30.11.2021

PLAIDOYER SUR L'ART is a group exhibition. Works by ten artists are on view, including key pieces by Nikolai Kormashov, Rein Kelpman as well as his avant garde project, “Composition.” PLAIDOYER SUR L'ART is a meaningful way to keep artists’ voice and influence present in our midst as well as honor they life-long pursuit of questioning and manifesting the unknown and the unseen.
The exhibition focuses on the hidden meaning behind objects and the nostalgia they evoke— either serving as surfaces for our sentimental projections or becoming mediators of different realities such as fetishes, heirlooms and cult objects.
Considering the spiritually-charged or the spiritual ether (a material substance believed to exist between the earth and astral plane).
Works on view involve mediumship—and collaborations with the past, as in Plaidoyer sur L'Art exhibition also presents work by Rein Kelpman, Juri Kikka, Alex Slaueu, Robert Landarsky Rein Tammik, Serge Ignatenko, Oleg Kroshkin, Olav Maran, Viktor Leskin, Kalju Nagel.
October 14—November 30, 2021

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