Yves Saint Laurent in his studio

“Yves Saint Laurent in his studio” 1968

"Yves Saint Laurent oma ateljees", 1968.88 cm x 146 cm, õli lõuendilSee meistriteos, mis kujutab Yves Saint Laurenti ja tema lemmikmust modelli.Yves Saint Laurent oli üks esimesi disainereid, kes musti mudeleid eksponeeris: 1962. aastal sai esimeseks Fidelia, järgnesid Katoucha Niane, Amalia Vairelli, Pat Cleveland, Rebecca Ayoko ja Iman.1968...

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Juri Kikka 1968 '' Ath the cafe"

Juri Kikka 1947-2020, Pallas Art School

Unheard of on the Estonian artistic market, Juri Kikka is an artist from the Pallas school in Tartu, his teacher was Ilmar Malin from 1967 to 1971. He was particularly influenced by Van Goth and Cezanne whom he admired in their compositions, their very colorful palettes. He envisioned...

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Oleg Kroshkin

Oleg Kroshkin’s life is basically a drama in three acts:

Hommage to Oleg Kroshkin. 1970 -1990 He searches for himself. 1990-2005 He finds himself. 2010 -2020  he loses himself. When I met him in his atelier, Oleg Kroshkin told me, I am the greatest painter in Belarus, referring to the opinion of Art critics from Vitebsk, he was...

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ArtSTAC Art Gallery


ArtSTAC Art Gallery presents the exhibition of Alex Salaueu, Roland Chanco, Gustave Baviriaux, Roland Chanco, Emile Jourlan, Claude Malherbe, Rein Tammik, Bernard Herzog, Tony Zhuravel, Ludo Cosma, Adolphe BELLIARD, Juri Kikka, Galina Kononova, Leo Rotko entitled "The Sweetest Song of Winter". The exhibition will feature different works by...

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Leonid Shchemelev

For the memory and hommage of Leonid Shchemelev – ARTSTAC Art Gallery Tallinn

I appreciate the uniqueness and greatest of Leonid Shchemelev one of the most rewarding artists as Contemporary Artists. I loved his palette dominated by colors. He was a legend in Belarus. Today, January 16, Leonid was buried in Minsk at the Moscow cemetery, today was a sunny day...

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Peeter Mudist

Due to government restrictions gallery closed until 18.01.

Our new show is postponed until 20.01, for more information please contact us: art@artstac.com

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Art is our daily pleasure

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Art is a passion.

Art is a passion. Decorative passion and if you have patience. It can be a wise investment.

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Spring ritual – Сolor thoughts. 2020 May

Time is not what happens to a place, it's how places happen. A city shapes time and is shaped by time. Sympathy is what things feel when they shape each other, like the dripping on the stone. A mirroring motion—a dance of the commons. For May opening we...

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Ludo Cosma

L’artiste de la semaine

Nädala kunstnikLUDO COSMA (1934-2013) on nagu värvide ballett, milles segunevad sinised, kollased, roosad, ookrid ja mustad. Tema maali tekstuur on suure lihtsuse juures väga keeruline. Värvid ja kujundid on seotud tema emotsioonidega.Muusika ja luule jäävad kaheks suureks inspiratsiooniallikaks, eriti intensiivselt kohtudes maalikunstnikuga, kellest sai sõber Francis Bacon.Cosma imetles...

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