Lilian Mosolainen

Lilian Mosolainen (b. 1961, Kohtla-Järve) is a graduate of the Tallinn University of Art and specializes in painting in the collections of the Estonian Art Museum and Tallinn Art Hall, the private collection of Matti Milius and private collections in Finland and France. Mosolainen has been a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association since 1992.Lilian Mosolainen (1961) appeared in Estonian art life on the wave of late 1980s neo-expressionism as a member of the initial nucleus of Group T, reintroducing powerful animism and androgynous eroticism into Estonian art, the earlier manifestations of which played a significant role in the Young Estonia movement. To her fellow fighters, expressionism remained just a phase, whereas Lilian Mosolainen has contributed to intense expressionism and emotionality throughout her creative life. Many art historians have pointed out the split structures of her paintings, dialogues between drawing and colour, complementing and opening up one another, seemingly independent. In her paintings, Lilian Mosolainen forcefully tackles charged existential themes, seeing human life as a cycle of nature and perceiving death as part of life.


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