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Start up a new collection?

First of all, you have to find a person you can trust. This person should have a good eye and an exceptional art collection. But undoubtedly, you yourself should be also involved with art and love it with all your heart. Because the greatest collections are built on risks, integrity and conviction.

Art as an investment. Buying art is like any other investment. Art can be a good investment, especially if you buy great work at the right time for the right price. But be careful, there is often certain speculation for people viewing art as a diversification of their portfolio. How new collectors gain access to great work? It is not exaggeration to say that nowadays there are more collectors than great works. Therefore you really need to establish a close relationship with a collector of good works and advisers.

ARTSTAC is an International art gallery.

Having a large collection of art and 50 years of experience from the European art market.

ARTSTAC has one of the largest various collection of art from different countries. From Estonia, France, Lithuania, and French school. From the 1990's ARTSTAC leader bought and promoted Estonian art to Europe and especially France.

We established Rein Tamnmik in France, he was the best recognized Estonian artist at that time. Rein Tammik produced in France from 1990 to 1993 the best french hyper-emotionalism hyperrealist art and was sponsored with our french gallery. Rein Tammik has an international renomme.

His works are extremely rare of this period and for connaisseurs, the artwork will be soon kept by only museums. Our activity now:

- to promote Estonian art internationally, especially in French-speaking market as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and France.

- to propose to new Estonian collectors a choice of valuable paintings.

- as well advised them to balance their collection internationally like a portfolio. To help selected Estonian Artists to enter the international Market we will organize auctions to the European market using Digital an internationally recognized platform for a European audience of 450 million visitors not limited to Estonia.

ARTSTAC thinks later to open a foundation and a museum in 2022

Une collection se pratique dans la discrétion.
Amateur d'art par passion, les vrais valeurs sûres sont celles acquises dans les périodes économiques propices et incertaines. Les circomstances actuelles semblent propices pour se lancer dans le monde de l'art. Ces peintures présentées dans notre exposition à Tallinn doivent séduire une clientèle branchée et ces collectionneurs doivent considérer les artistes présentés comme une opportunité d'investissement à l'avenir et avec des oeuvres d'art encore mal connus, ils peuvent profiter d'un investissement à succès significatif.
Notre galerie est decidée à l'art contemporain, artistes présentés à tendance internationale. Les collectionneurs sont les bienvenues pour tous renseignements.

ArtSTAC art gallery based in Tallinn. The gallery focuses on contemporary art. 

ArtSTAC features contemporary art of emerging, established, promising, national, regional and international artists and aim to promote them. The Gallery has a commitment of an extensive focused group of artists known but accepts submission of artists.

The gallery emphasizes through her active international activity and digital e-commerce web to contribute to the recognization of selected artists. Some gallery’s artists are renowned and detained by Museums and collectors through Europe and the USA.

The gallery assists newer admirers, collectors. All visitors are appreciated and welcome. The gallery aims to help not just in sales, but in demystification and the increase of appreciation of the creative art.

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