ARTSTAC Art Gallery in Tallinn

ARTSTAC is an International art gallery in Tallinn.

Artstac has more than 40 years of experience in collecting art at an international level. The collection includes works by French, Litvak (from the Lithuanian Empire school, École de Paris, and École de Vitebsk, which is considered as one of the best in Europe), followers of emigrants to France such as Chagall, Soutine, Kikoine, and Kremegne, all succeeded in France during the time of Picasso.

Artstac is focused on finding tomorrow’s most promising artists not only in Estonia, but throughout Europe. Since 1988, its leader has been one of the greatest Estonian art collectors, and the collection includes “la crème de la crème” of artworks.

Some of these artists are exhibited in the gallery’s collection section.

With over 10,000 pieces of art, Artstac can propose to investors and collectors to create a collection. The collection has been built up over more than 40 years at an international level, with the Estonian Artists limited to the post-Soviet period (including some works prohibited by the KGB).

Artstac’s main activities are:

  • Promoting Estonian art at an international level, particularly in French-speaking countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada and North United States of America.
  • Providing a guarantee of transparency for 10 years for each painting sold, which is essential for building trust with collectors and investors.
  • Permanently displaying a part of the collection, which is a museum activity.
  • Ensuring that paintings for sale have a clear origin and history, providing transparency to potential buyers.
  • Carefully selecting artists for sale.
  • Supporting new collectors in understanding that art is like a portfolio, and one should diversify and minimize risk.
  • Being able to respond to new collectors with the vast collection of over 10,000 pieces.


Start up a new collection?

First of all, you have to find a person you can trust. This person should have a good eye and an exceptional art collection. But undoubtedly, you yourself should be also involved with art and love it with all your heart. Because the greatest collections are built on risks, integrity and conviction.

Art as an investment. Buying art is like any other investment. Art can be a good investment, especially if you buy great work at the right time for the right price. But be careful, there is often certain speculation for people viewing art as a diversification of their portfolio. How new collectors gain access to great work? It is not exaggeration to say that nowadays there are more collectors than great works. Therefore you really need to establish a close relationship with a collector of good works and advisers.

ARTSTAC art gallery in Tallinn, Suur-Karja 21, Tallinn.

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