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Artstac, with over 40 years of international acclaim, specializes in a rich and diversified art collection, featuring works from renowned traditions such as the French, Litvak, École de Paris, and École de Vitebsk, École d’Estonie.

 Core Activities:

1. Transparency Guarantee:

   Artstac provides a 10-year transparency guarantee on every painting, fostering enduring trust with collectors and investors.

 2. Permanent Display & Verification:

   A segment of the collection is perpetually displayed, and each piece sold has a verified origin, offering clear provenance to buyers.

3. Artistic Excellence:

   Representing artists selected after extensive research and visits to over 150 museums, Artstac is a repository of distinguished artworks.

4. Educational Support & Extensive Collection:

   The gallery educates new collectors on art investment diversification and caters to their needs with an extensive collection of varied artworks.


Artstac invites art enthusiasts, collectors, and investors to explore its collection, delve into the rich tapestry of artistic expressions, and experience the fusion of tradition and innovation encapsulated in each masterpiece. Whether you are an emerging collector or a seasoned connoisseur, Artstac offers a realm of artistic treasures waiting to be discovered.

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Only by appointment
ARTSTAC  Art Gallery
Rotermanni 14
Tallinn, 10111, Estonia

phone +372 58 02 96 56

Mail art@artstac.com



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