Maurice Mazeilie
(1924 - 2021)

Maurice Mazeilie, a curious and self-taught painter, has been a regular exhibitor at the Autumn Salon for many years. Despite his independent artistic journey, he eventually felt the desire to expand his knowledge and skills, leading him to enroll in the courses offered by the Julian Academy. This decision was a significant turning point for him, as it exposed him to new perspectives and artistic techniques.

In the 1990s, Mazeilie found himself captivated by the abstract art movement. The exploration of non-representational forms and the freedom of expression within abstract art greatly intrigued him. However, as time went on, he felt a pull towards a more classical style of painting. This shift marked a reconnection with traditional artistic techniques and an embracing of more recognizable subject matters.

Immersing himself in artistic and cultural activities, Maurice Mazeilie actively engaged with the art scene. He began to focus on specific themes that resonated with him, with a particular interest in capturing the vibrant and lively districts of Paris, such as Montmartre. These areas, brimming with life and human interaction, became a source of inspiration for his aesthetic and artistic production.

Mazeilie found himself drawn to the serene and picturesque landscapes of Normandy’s beaches. The tranquility and beauty of the coastal scenes held a special place in his heart, and he sought to convey their essence through his artwork. Inspired by the works of Maximilien Luce, a renowned painter known for his mastery of light and his depictions of leisure activities and landscapes, Mazeilie found a kindred spirit in Luce’s approach to capturing the essence of the sea, swimming, and the natural beauty of Normandy.

In his artistic practice, Maurice Mazeilie skillfully explored various themes, delving into the vibrant cityscape of Paris and the serene coastal vistas of Normandy. His works embody a blend of classical techniques and a personal interpretation of the world around him. Through his paintings, Mazeilie invites viewers to experience the energy and charm of Montmartre’s bustling streets and the serenity and tranquility of Normandy’s beaches, following in the footsteps of the artistic lineage that inspires him.


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