Raoul Kurvitz

Raoul Kurvitz (born 1961) started his creative work after graduating from the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR (currently the Estonian Academy of Arts) in 1984, with a degree in architecture. In 1986, along with his classmate Urmas Muru, Kurvitz formed the Rühm T group. They were soon joined by the architect Peeter Pere and several other artists and creative people. Rühm T called their paintings Cold Expressionism, which lacked passion and were distanced, but were still interventionist. Criticism at that time primarily linked Rühm T’s activities with the concepts of Postmodernism, the Transavantgarde and “expressionist decadence.”


1991 Ormus I. Intermedia Center, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
1992 Ormus II. Marius Project Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
1992 Myra Art Limited I. Vaal Gallery, Tallinn
1992 Myra Art Limited II. Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn
1992 Infect. Gallery Okra, Vantaa, Finland
1993 Ormus III. Luum Gallery, Tallinn
1993 Gallery “Sammas”, Tallinn
1996 Topographic. Knight’s Gallery, Tartu

1986 – 1991, 1996 Exhibitions of “Group T”, Tallinn
1988 I have never been to New York. Youth Exhibition. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Tallinn
1988 Baltic Youth Art Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania
1989 WE – YOU – OTHER. Billnäs, Finland
1989 – 1991 Structure / Metaphysics. Group Exhibition of Estonian Artists. Finland: Pori Museum of Art, Pori; Helsinki Art Hall, Helsinki; Rovaniemi Museum of Art, Rovaniemi; Germany: Kiel City Gallery, Kiel; Nemo Gallery, Eckenförde; Sweden: Kulturhuset and Liljevalch Art Hall, both Stockholm, Linköping Museum, Linköping
1990 Baltic Painting Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania
1990 Exhibition of 15 Estonian artists. GKM Gallery, Malmo, Sweden
1992 Form Anthropologica. Group Exhibition of Baltic Artists. Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
1993 Aujourd’hui les Baltes. Joint exhibition of Baltic artists. L’Ecole Nationale Supèrieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
1993 Castle of Imagination. Zachodnio-Kaszubskie Museum, Bytow, Poland
1993 Terra Incognita. International communication project within the framework of the Venice Biennale. Energy Station, Helsinki, Finland; Le Sous-Sol Gallery, Paris, France; Moltkerei, Cologne, Germany
1993 Eleonora. International Performance Festival, Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
1993 – 1994 French and Baltic Video Art Festival, Riga, Latvia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Tallinn Holiday House, Tallinn
1994 Non-existent art. 2nd Annual Exhibition of Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Tallinn
1994 M / F Kronborg, Tallinn; Copenhagen, Denmark
1995 Europe heute – Estland. A group exhibition of five artists. Margarethenhofi Galerii, Bonn; Sperl Gallery, Potsdam; both of Germany
1995 Self-portrait. J. Saar Concept Exhibition. Moscow Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1995 Mobile 1. Exhibition of Estonian kinetic art. Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
1995 Biotope. 3rd Annual Exhibition of Soros Estonian Center for Contemporary Art, Tallinn
1996 Estonia as a sign. 4th Annual Exhibition of Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Tartu, Tartu
1997 Venice Biennale, Italy


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