Veronique Vermeil
(1938 - 2017)

Veronique Vermeil (1938-2017)In addition to her Parisian workshop in the 12th arrondissement, where she surrounds herself with an artists’ nebula, Véronique Vermeil travels between Provence, Tuscany, and Africa. These destinations are an infinite source of patterns and inspiration.Veronique Vermeil Complete artist, she approaches various supports and techniques (oil on canvas, pastel on velvet, wood sculpture, lithography) and knows, during her career, several eternal artistic. Indeed, after thirty years devoted to pictorial art, Véronique Vermeil is moving towards wood sculpture. These reallocations include broths for women and the neglected as beams or quéelles shaped and embellished with pigments and various added elements. Several personal exhibitions have been dedicated to her by museums and galleries in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium. In the 1970s, Véronique Vermeil founded the Octo collective of artists such as Christian Barbançon and Thibault de Reimpré and participated in the groups Oblique and 109.Veronique Vermeil  – what fascinates in her paintings is the continuous flow of colors, this unlimited vibe of Azur. She bursts into this work violence of red, gold, yellow, and blue that will rise to the great anthem of life.All of Vermeil’s work goes on to satisfy this requirement of an exchange between the outside and inside.


Main solo exhibitions from 1957 to 2000

Paris, Christine Colin Gallery

Novara (Italy), Galerie del Cortile

Paris, Gramme Gallery

Montreux, Picpus Galler


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