Ludo Cosma
(1934 - 2013)

Ludo Cosma (1934-2013) was a remarkable French figurative painter who left a lasting impact with his bold, emotionally charged, and raw imagery. He gained recognition for his unique style, characterized by painterly abstracted figures, often depicted in glass or steel geometrical cages against flat, nondescript backgrounds.

Although Ludo started painting in his early 50s, he initially worked sporadically and with uncertainty until his mid-60s. Despite his talent, he led a varied life as a complex bon vivant, renowned gambler, and distinguished interior decorator and designer of furniture, rugs, and bathroom tiles. He later revealed that his artistic career was delayed because he spent considerable time searching for subject matter that could truly captivate his interest.

In October 1971, Ludo’s life took a momentous turn when he met the acclaimed artist Francis Bacon during Bacon’s exhibition at the Grand Palais. This encounter marked the beginning of a deep friendship between the two artists. Bacon, considered Britain’s “greatest living painter” at the time, had reached the pinnacle of his career, and Ludo’s association with him had a profound influence on his artistic journey. Their friendship endured until Bacon’s death.

Ludo also pursued formal art education, studying under Jean Even in Montparnasse for three years. From 1966 to 1986, he participated in the prestigious Salon de la Marine, showcasing his works to a wide audience. Subsequently, from 1988 to 1992, he exhibited at the Salon of French Artists, further solidifying his place within the art world.

Throughout his career, Ludo Cosma’s work remained distinctive and thought-provoking. His artistic vision, characterized by his exploration of human form and the emotional depth conveyed through his subjects, garnered admiration and intrigue. His participation in renowned exhibitions and his friendship with Francis Bacon added to the richness and complexity of his artistic journey.

Ludo’s contributions to the art world continue to be celebrated, and his paintings serve as a testament to his talent, unique perspective, and unwavering pursuit of artistic expression.

There are several compelling reasons to consider investing in Ludo Cosma’s artworks:

  1. Unique Style and Emotional Impact: Ludo Cosma’s paintings stand out for their distinctive style, characterized by bold and emotionally charged imagery. His use of abstracted figures and the juxtaposition of geometric elements create a visually striking and thought-provoking experience. Owning a Ludo Cosma artwork allows you to immerse yourself in his unique artistic world and connect with the raw emotions and powerful narratives conveyed through his work.
  2. Rarity and Limited Availability: Ludo Cosma had a relatively short career and worked sporadically until his mid-60s, which means that his artworks are relatively rare and limited in availability. Acquiring a piece from his collection would offer a sense of exclusivity and the opportunity to own a truly unique artwork by a renowned artist.
  3. Influence and Friendship with Francis Bacon: Ludo Cosma’s close friendship with the renowned artist Francis Bacon adds further value to his work. Bacon is considered one of the most influential painters of the 20th century, and his impact on Ludo’s artistic journey is undeniable. Owning a Ludo Cosma artwork allows you to own a piece that is connected to the legacy of Bacon and the artistic circles they both inhabited.
  4. Artistic Evolution and Recognition: Ludo Cosma’s artistic career underwent a transformative phase when he met Francis Bacon and began to exhibit his works in prestigious art salons. His participation in renowned exhibitions, such as the Salon de la Marine and the Salon of French Artists, showcases the recognition and validation he received within the art world. Investing in Ludo Cosma’s artworks allows you to acquire a piece from an artist who experienced artistic growth and gained recognition during his career.
  5. Investment Potential: As with any investment in art, there is the potential for appreciation in value over time. Given the rarity of Ludo Cosma’s works and his unique artistic style, there may be increased demand among collectors and art enthusiasts in the future. By acquiring a Ludo Cosma artwork, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy the aesthetic and emotional value it brings but also potentially benefit from its investment potential.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a Ludo Cosma artwork should be based on your personal appreciation for his unique style, emotional impact, and the opportunity to own a piece connected to his friendship with Francis Bacon. It is a chance to own a rare and meaningful artwork that can enrich your artistic collection and provide a lasting source of aesthetic pleasure and intellectual stimulation.



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“When one enters the world of pictorial Ludo, there is only one alternative: either we drown it, or else we leave quickly.”

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